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Club No. 4220 Est. 1919

The world’s  first  service  club,  the Rotary Club of Chicago, was  formed Feb. 23, 1905,   by Paul P. Harris, an attorney  who  wished  to  capture within  a  professional  club  the  same friendly spirit he had felt in the small towns of his youth.

As  the  first  club  chartered  in  the state  of  Florida  and  the  nearest  club to  Valdosta,  Jacksonville  members were approached by a select group of men  in  Valdosta  to  sponsor    a  Valdosta  club.  Reluctant  at  first,  Jacksonville  finally  agreed  and  the  club was  organized  March  24,  1919  and received  its  charter  June  1,  1919.

Founded with 21 members,  they met at the Valdez Hotel for lunch, so that the Jacksonville sponsoring members could come to Valdosta that morning by  train  and  return  that  afternoon. The early club also met at the Daniel Ashley Hotel, the Patterson Hotel and the Women’s Center.

Currently, we meet at noon every Wednesday at the Rainwater Conference Center (unless otherwise noted).  Come join us as we strive to put “Service Above Self” in our community!






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  1. Good Morning,

    I work with Public Health (South Health District) locally and was wondering about the possibility of having our Health Director speak to you about Public Health and/or stroke prevention in the future.

  2. Hello,

    I reside in Hahira, Ga and would like to donate a hospital bed. Do you pick up the bed or do you know of any organizations that can pick up the bed? Can you kindly reply at your convenience?

    Thank You,

    A. Patel

  3. Thank you for the books for my students to take home. They are quality examples of literature too. They were so excited each time a set of books arrived. God bless your organization.

  4. Thank you for your generous donation of books to Newbern Middle School! The School Board certainly appreciates your efforts on behalf of our community’s children!

    Jeana Beeland

  5. Hello,
    i’m a Rotary Member from Italy, Rotary Club of Latina (2080 District). I’ll be in Homerville from 24th of May to 29th of May . I’ve seen you have your meeting on wednesday and i’m wondering if you’ll have your meeting on 29th. I would like to bring you greetings from RC of Latina, Italy
    Susanna Busco

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